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At Dr. Tihanyi Law Firm we represent a sophisticated group of clients in a demanding legal climate.

In Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló and mostly all Hungarian area, you can still get personal attention from an attorney who cares about your situation and will protect your best interests. At the law firm of Dr. Tihanyi client concerns are important, and every client is treated with dignity and respect.

Our law firm has expanded its reach and our services. When you need a lawyer in any of these areas, you can count on us.

Real Estate:

We represent landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, lenders, and people involved in property disputes.

Real estate is a valuable asset in the Hungarian area. For many individuals and families, it represents their single largest purchase in a lifetime. It makes good sense to have an experienced real estate attorney who knows Hungarian real estate laws and understands the local real estate market.

At the law firm of Dr. Tihanyi you will know that you have an attorney who will examine every document, explain the law, and make sure your interests are protected.

Partition Actions: When two or more owners of a property cannot agree on the management or sale of the property, our lawyers help clients resolve the issue through negotiation or legal action.

Buy/Sell Contracts: If you are buying or selling a home, our law firm will assure that the contract, mortgage agreement, title review, and all other documents are properly drafted. We can also represent you in contract negotiations or in legal actions after the sale.

Bank Representation: We represent banks and other lenders at closings to make sure all documentation is accurate and meets the needs of the bank.

Landlord/Tenant: When landlords need legal advice regarding commercial leases, residential leases, insurance, evictions, or other issues, our real estate law firm can help. We also represent tenants in disputes with landlords.

Business Law:

If you have an established business or if you are starting a new business, we can help you with the legal issues.

Dr. Tihanyi Low Firm work with all types of business structures, from unincorporated entities to international and publicly traded corporations. Whether you are starting a new project, selling or acquiring a business or seeking to expand or strengthen an existing enterprise, we possess the experience, knowledge and dedication to help you achieve your desired results.

Our Law Firm routinely counsels clients regarding entity formation and governance and acts as outside general counsel for many companies. We work with you to develop sound corporate foundations, as well as procedures and protocols that will lead to a successful venture. In addition, we handle a broad range of corporate and business transactions, including licensing and software agreements, executive compensation agreements, trademark applications and general contract negotiations.

We are actively involved with our clients. Our "hands on" approach allows us to fully understand your business and your short and long-term goals and strategies. In this manner, we are well equipped to not only assist in the implementation of a business plan, but to quickly and efficiently address issues that arise from market changes or unforeseen complications.

Family Law:

We focus on helping families resolve family matters, such as child support, child custody, and visitation. We can guide you through these sensitive issues.

In addition to family law issues concerning your children, our family lawyer handles uncontested divorce and other family law cases. When clients agree on the major decisions to be made in a divorce, we provide advice to ensure our client's interests are protected and assist with drafting a fair divorce settlement or property settlement agreement.

Commercial Litigation:

If you are a business owner or manager, you know that even with careful negotiations and review of contracts and agreements, disputes do arise. If you are involved in a contract dispute, our commercial litigation lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help.

Civil Litigation:

When you are involved in a dispute with a family member, friend, or business associate, we can help you determine what actions you should take.

Personal Injury:

When you have been injured because of a car accident, a slip and fall accident, dangerous premises accident, or a dog bite attack, our personal injury lawyers can assure you are treated fairly.

Estate Planning and Probate:

Does your family understand your wishes? Are you responsible for probate of a will? Our attorneys can help.

Criminal Defense:

Are you facing drug charges? Were you arrested for drunk driving? Our criminal law attorney can protect your rights.


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